Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Great Show You Need To See: PLEASE LIKE ME

Today I want to recommend an awesome series from australia that I binge-watched like a crazy addict in maybe 3 days. The series is called PLEASE LIKE ME and it's all about the life of Josh Thomas.

I don't want to annoy you with a long analysis about the show, so here are the 5 TOP REASONS to watch PLEASE LIKE ME:

  1. the writing is just amazing: actor Josh Thomas who also did most episodes has a great, funny, realistic and cool way to deal with subjects such as love, relationships, millenials, family, death, sickness, sexuality and so on. the dialogues are sometimes weird but in a nice weird way which is surprising and also very cute and loveable
  2. the characters are the best: Josh plays himself and his friends in the series are also his best friends in real life (check out the instagram accounts of those people!). so you can imagine the vibe between them is pretty good! for me it was nice to see how the characters "grow up" during the episodes
  3. PLM deals with queer issues: it all starts with the fact, that Josh is realising he is gay (well, or let's say his ex-girlfriend realised that) and he starts meeting boys and having first homosexual experience. in the following episodes he meets alot boys, falls in love, falls out love etc. yes, there is a big sexual aspect in the series but I think it's important to bring these things up and show viewers other aspects of sexuality - even though nowadays homosexuality should be seen as something normal, I guess it is still an issue for some people to deal with
  4. PLM deals with serious issues such as suicide: Josh's mum in the series tries to kill herself by taking to much pills. Rose suffers from bipolar disorder which is also an issue that should be normal to talk about. she has to live in a clinic/rehab for some time where she meets other people like her and she also finds friends. and yes, spoiler alert, it is going to be very sad too...
  5. the theme song will make you dance everytime you hear it - the song is called "I'll be fine" and it plays a very important role for the series because in the entrance of each episode people are singing it or dancing to it. it just gives the whole series this special feeling
well, that's it. I could bring up many more reasons to see PLEASE LIKE ME but you better find out for yourself. You can watch 4 seasons on netflix. Like Josh announced some weeks ago, there will be no 5. season - it is sad, yes, but all the best things have to come to an end eventually :)

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