Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Riot Grrrl Movement Is Back - And This Are Some Bands!

Yes, the 90's were great - thanks to awesome bands like Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, Sleater-Kinney and many more who kicked the asses of the male dominated punkrock music scene.
But we also have to face the great present bands who definitely represent the modern Riot-Girl-Movement of the 21st century. I am always more than happy to find out about a "new" female fronted band that I never heard before. I wanna present you some of the bands I like alot:

Downtown Boys
the band from Providence was titled "America's Most Exciting Punk Band" by the Rolling Stone

To my surprise they play in Berlin soon: 25.05.2016 Berlin, DE - Bei Ruth 

Sheer Mag
the band from Philadelphia plays 70's stylish rock and punk music which has alot rhythm!

Sheer Mag played a show in Berlin some months ago in a self-governing punk location.

a feminist pop punk band from Seattle who got great catchy songs!

Tacocat played some months ago in Berlin at Schokoladen and it was super fun.

Jawbreaker Reunion
three-piece-band from New York plays wonderful poppunk music. I really love their song "Tearing Down Posters"

So I know these bands are not really "new" and I did not discover them (of course not!) but I just had the feeling to put them kinda together to show what a great new wave of female bands we have nowadays! If you miss a good band that I should know, feel free to post a comment below! Thanks :)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

PUP - new songs and concert in berlin

Yes, PUP will come again and this makes me really happy because this time I can go with my beloved Jordi. Last time he could not join so I let the band sign the debut record for him. And yes, he was happy about that! :)

Anyway, the great great punk band will be here in exactly one month! (19.4.2016)
The show will be at Cassiopeia and the support band is also a big highlight for us: MODERN BASEBALL!!! It's gonna be soo great!

Album-Stream: The Thermals - "We Disappear" & Interview-Reminder

One of my all-time-favorite bands THE THERMALS got a new record - it will be out 25th march.

and also some songs here:

Until may 2016 the band will tour in the US, but probably they'll come to europe and germany soon to present their new record. I've already seen them once in Berlin @ Bi Nuu and it was really amazing. Great band!

In addition to that I remind you of my interview with Kathy of The Thermals that I did via mail in 2013 before their berlin show: 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Best news of today: One of my fav bands is coming to Berlin this summer. Im talking about ROYAL HEADACHE from Sydney.
As the band posted today on Facebook they start their first european tour in may 2016. HERE is the official poster:

Im glad Berlin is on the list too because RH is on my "concert-wishlist" for a long time.

(not really a big place, you better get tickets before it's sold out)

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