Sunday, December 15, 2019

check them out: SLEEPY DOG

I just found out about this band and I like them: Sleepy Dog (nice name!). the singers voice sometimes reminds me of Royal Headache. The sound is between math-rock, emo, poppunk whatever. 
"Sleepy Dog preserves the classic tenants of math rock: alternate turnings, angular melodies, glittery riffs and dreamy sounds. He is by no means reinventing the genre, but at the same time it would be completely wrong to say that he isn’t bringing something new to the genre. His riffs/playing style tends to be a little more messy, or perhaps loose is a better word, than your usual math rock band." (source:

Saturday, December 7, 2019


Today I'd like to recommend my favorite podcast, well actually it's more like a Youtube channel because I think you have to WATCH these guys doing what they do. I am talking about Ethan and Hila Klein, husband and wife, creators of H3 and owners of the fashion label Teddy Fresh.

What is H3 about?
Basically Ethan and Hila started by posting funny, geeky and goofy videos on their original youtube channel, which you find here. It is mostly about internet memes, other funny videos, stupid trends or reactions videos of popculture related things. some years ago they became more professional with their podcast and they are now producing in a studio in L.A., where they also invite (famous) guests like musicians, actors, comedians, politicians or other youtube stars. Each episode is about 2 hours long and they basically talk about important stuff which happened during the week (for example they discuss new movies, Elons cybertruck, politics, general internet gossip or just things they like (Ethan is really into food).

Why I like them?
I started to watch their videos some months ago and I became totally addicted to them in a short time. There are so many videos online, so you can basically watch them non-stop. What I like the most about Ethan and Hila is, that they are very openminded with their fans when it comes to personal stuff. They had several videos where they talked about how they've met (in Israel btw) or also another video where they talk about the birth of their son Theodore. Hila for me is just one of the most beautiful and smartest women I have ever seen and Ethan is just a cute, funny dude who knows how to make people laugh. I also agree on almost everything they say, they are not narrow-minded and they have different point of views on certain subjects. Besides all of this, I just love them as a couple. you can see how much they love each other and I think that's just beautiful.

What else you need to know?
Hila is a fashion designer and she has founded the label Teddy Fresh which has lots of cool, colorful clothing (I also have some, you can buy it in any bluetomato shop in europe or order online). I'm happy to see how famous the label became. They really deserve the success. Another fact that makes the show funny and interesting are the three guys in the back who are helping producing H3: Dan, Ian and Zac. They've also become important inventory of the show and have a big fan crowd too. Btw fans: H3 really knows how to entertain and stay in contact with their fans: they have several youtube channels, a reddit community and different social media channels - they are really active on twitter too. They have two cute dogs named shredder and alfredo. fun side fact: they are really close friends with the popstar Post Malone.

and I mean, come on, just look at this photo:

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I can't really recommend any specific episodes because I think they are all really good, but here some examples - maybe you also get into it like me :)

Saturday, November 30, 2019

CULT OF LUNA, BRUTUS, A.A. WILLIAMS @ Konzertfabrik Pratteln

It is funny how sometimes I find out about concerts that I didn't know about. I just checked the website of BRUTUS (one of my fav bands this year, actually I wanted to check the merch) and then I saw that they will play tomorrow in switzerland again. what a surprise! okay, they are "only" the support band for CULT OF LUNA but I don't mind seeing them too. because of that lineup the ticket price was kind of high: 43 francs. But I know that COL are pretty famous in the scene and have alot of fans.

And I have also never been to Pratteln (funny name by the way, even for a german) and the location called Konzertfabrik Z7 - they usually do alot of metal, gothic, hardrock and also cover band shows (not really my thing tbh). And the show starts pretty early which I think is good for a sunday.

some videos here:

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

TENACIOUS D in zurich (20.2.20)

I remember seeing "Kings of Rock" many years ago in the cinema with some friends. All of them could sing along with the music in the movie and I was thinking: what the fuck? :p At this time I didnt know much about Tenacious D or Jack Black. Okay, this is already 13 years ago. wow.

Anyway, after seeing the movie I got into the soundtrack and I LOVED the songs by TD. I think Jack Black is just one of the funniest people in the world. So i am beyond happy to see them live in zurich! I got the tickets pretty fast when they started to sell them online. Gonna be awesome!

oh, and you need to follow Jack on instagram:

Sunday, November 3, 2019

MATTY MATHESON, the coolest chef alive

today I wanna tell you about the coolest cooking chef I know. he is fuckin funny, he looks like a hardcore punk and he makes great food: Matty Matheson.

He has this new youtube series out called "Just a dash" where he shows how to cook his favorite food. when I saw the new video (above) I was laughing so hard because I just love this guy. I don't remember how I found out about him (probably Munchies by Viceland) but I've seen so many videos now with him and it's ALWAYS funny. seriously. sometimes he sings, sometimes he screams, sometimes he is like a little child. in short: he is just really authentic and real.

Matty, who is canadian, has had a difficult past. he was into drugs and alcohol, he was basically wasted all the time. 2012 he suffered a heart attack and started to change his life. since some years he is experiencing a massive success and he has published a bestselling cookbook. also he seems to be super happy with his wife and son. I just think Matty deserves all the success he gets. besides that I love how he dresses and how confident he is about his body and size.

also, following him on insta is pretty entertaining:

Thursday, October 31, 2019

PUP show in berlin (11.11.2019)

If you'd asked me which band I've seen the most in the last years, I have to say: PUP. I just checked it, and the first time I've seen them was 5 years ago in berlin (badeschiff) playing support for CLOUD NOTHINGS. In 2014 i made a blog post about the concert (I also took some pics and wrote an article for my former newspaper). Since then I wanna say I've seen PUP like 3 or 4 times (one time playing with MODERN BASEBALL). I was always really lucky to see the canadian guys in nice venues and with nice bands in europe, even though I have to admit I have not been folloing them so much in the last 1-2 years.

anyway, I'm going to berlin soon and I was randomly checking if there will be any good concerts during my visit - and for my surprise I found out that PUP will play on the 11th november at a location I really like (Bi Nuu). hooray! their new album is called "Morbid Stuff" and tbh I really need to listen to it more (so I won't judge it now or tell you more about it). I always loved their stage energy, their catchy songs and their well-thought music videos.

update after the show: it was really amazing. I was in front of the stage (first row!) and people got crazy since the first minute, I got pushed in my back quite hard, but I enjoyed the show. They played alot of new material. I was really surprised bc the show was sold out and it was packed with people. It was this typical moment when you realise: oh, PUP are fucking famous now. good for them!

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

GURR show in zurich (5.11.2019)

I've already mentioned GURR three years ago on this blog after seeing them live as support for SHEER MAG in a diy punk place in berlin. since that the duo played alot of shows and festivals, they also did a US tour. in april they released their new ep "she says" with 7 tracks. their first album "in my head" got really good reviews in the music press and the band was kind of surprised by the success.

I am very happy to see them in zurich soon. they will play in a venue called Bogen F, which books alot of really nice bands. the first song of the new ep is really dreamy and chilled out. I really love that they sing in english, but they also have songs in german like "zu spät" which is track 5. on their website they talk about why they didn't do a second album yet and what the ep title means to them:

It's about building up the courage to say what you think. It's about female leadership. It's about tears instead of raising your voice or fist. It's about doing what feels right. It's about wanting to be heard. It's about wanting to be believed. It's about wanting to be listened to. It's about what she says, really.

check out GURR on:
the website: