Saturday, December 7, 2019


Today I'd like to recommend my favorite podcast, well actually it's more like a Youtube channel because I think you have to WATCH these guys doing what they do. I am talking about Ethan and Hila Klein, husband and wife, creators of H3 and owners of the fashion label Teddy Fresh.

What is H3 about?
Basically Ethan and Hila started by posting funny, geeky and goofy videos on their original youtube channel, which you find here. It is mostly about internet memes, other funny videos, stupid trends or reactions videos of popculture related things. some years ago they became more professional with their podcast and they are now producing in a studio in L.A., where they also invite (famous) guests like musicians, actors, comedians, politicians or other youtube stars. Each episode is about 2 hours long and they basically talk about important stuff which happened during the week (for example they discuss new movies, Elons cybertruck, politics, general internet gossip or just things they like (Ethan is really into food).

Why I like them?
I started to watch their videos some months ago and I became totally addicted to them in a short time. There are so many videos online, so you can basically watch them non-stop. What I like the most about Ethan and Hila is, that they are very openminded with their fans when it comes to personal stuff. They had several videos where they talked about how they've met (in Israel btw) or also another video where they talk about the birth of their son Theodore. Hila for me is just one of the most beautiful and smartest women I have ever seen and Ethan is just a cute, funny dude who knows how to make people laugh. I also agree on almost everything they say, they are not narrow-minded and they have different point of views on certain subjects. Besides all of this, I just love them as a couple. you can see how much they love each other and I think that's just beautiful.

What else you need to know?
Hila is a fashion designer and she has founded the label Teddy Fresh which has lots of cool, colorful clothing (I also have some, you can buy it in any bluetomato shop in europe or order online). I'm happy to see how famous the label became. They really deserve the success. Another fact that makes the show funny and interesting are the three guys in the back who are helping producing H3: Dan, Ian and Zac. They've also become important inventory of the show and have a big fan crowd too. Btw fans: H3 really knows how to entertain and stay in contact with their fans: they have several youtube channels, a reddit community and different social media channels - they are really active on twitter too. They have two cute dogs named shredder and alfredo. fun side fact: they are really close friends with the popstar Post Malone.

and I mean, come on, just look at this photo:

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I can't really recommend any specific episodes because I think they are all really good, but here some examples - maybe you also get into it like me :)

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