Sunday, November 3, 2019

MATTY MATHESON, the coolest chef alive

today I wanna tell you about the coolest cooking chef I know. he is fuckin funny, he looks like a hardcore punk and he makes great food: Matty Matheson.

He has this new youtube series out called "Just a dash" where he shows how to cook his favorite food. when I saw the new video (above) I was laughing so hard because I just love this guy. I don't remember how I found out about him (probably Munchies by Viceland) but I've seen so many videos now with him and it's ALWAYS funny. seriously. sometimes he sings, sometimes he screams, sometimes he is like a little child. in short: he is just really authentic and real.

Matty, who is canadian, has had a difficult past. he was into drugs and alcohol, he was basically wasted all the time. 2012 he suffered a heart attack and started to change his life. since some years he is experiencing a massive success and he has published a bestselling cookbook. also he seems to be super happy with his wife and son. I just think Matty deserves all the success he gets. besides that I love how he dresses and how confident he is about his body and size.

also, following him on insta is pretty entertaining:

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